Building JGDMS

Building JGDMS

JGDMS includes support for generating binary (JAR) files and documentation from the provided source code using the Apache Ant build tool (available from the Ant project site at,

This page describes how to use ant to build the distribution from the source code. This Ant build process was originally based on Geoff Arnold's Ant build script, and we thank him for his contribution.

It is not necessary to build the JAR files from source code to get started with Jini technology. The JAR files are provided for you as part of the starter kit, depending on your installation options. The location of the JAR files is documented in info-index.html . In the instructions below, install_dir is the directory into which you installed the JGDMS distribution.

Build instructions

The following prerequisites must be met before a build can be executed:

The following build options are currently available:

To build the starter kit JAR files, you must:

    cd install_dir

    ant <target>
where the basic targets are:
This target is also the default target and can be invoked by simply running ant without specifying any target. This target compiles the class files for all of the distribution source code, generates Java Remote Method Invocation (Java RMI) stub classes, and generates the configentry files. The class files and configentry files will be placed in the following directories, respectively:


Additionally, this target will build all subprojects (currently 'qa' and 'examples/hello').

Creates the JAR files for the distribution, using the compiled class files. The compiled class files must already have been created. The resulting JAR files will be placed in the following directories:


During the jars build, warning messages similar to the following are generated:

    [java] Nested class LogManager$Probe has different preferred state than outer class LogManager

Messages of this sort are expected and pose no concern to the resulting build.

Removes the class files, configentry files, docs, JAR files, and all associated directories generated during the build.

Generates all the documentation for the starter kit. The documentation will be placed in the following directory:


Generates API documentation for the starter kit, using the Javadoc(TM) tool. The documentation will be placed in the following directory:


Generates the specification-only documentation for the starter kit, using the Javadoc(TM) tool. The documentation will be placed in the following directory:


This target will compile everything, generate the jar files, generate the javadoc, and produce the distribution bundles (binary and source) in the top-level "dist" directory.

Testing your Build

There are three test harnesses:

If you make any modifications and/or corrections to this build process and want those changes considered for use in our next release, please submit your modifications for consideration.

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