About Tool :: Preferred classes list generator

Tool used to generate the preferred class information for downloadable JAR files in the form of a META-INF/PREFERRED.LIST required for use by the {@link net.jini.loader.pref.PreferredClassLoader}. The list is generated by examining the dependencies of classes contained within a target JAR file and zero or more additional supporting JAR files. Through various command-line options, a set of "root" classes are identified as belonging to a public API. These root classes provide the starting point for recursively computing a dependency graph, finding all of the classes referenced in the public API of the root classes, finding all of the classes referenced in turn by the public API of those classes, and so on, until no new classes are found. The results of the dependency analysis are combined with the preferred list information in the additional supporting JAR files to compute a preferred list having the smallest number of entries that describes the preferred state of the classes and resources contained in all of the JAR files. The output of the tool is a new version of the target JAR file containing the generated preferred list, and/or a copy of the list printed to System.out.