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Package org.apache.river.landlord

This is a utility for services implementing leases.

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Package org.apache.river.landlord Description

This is a utility for services implementing leases. The Landlord is the basic interface that defines the utility. A service that exports leases implements the Landlord interface, which is used for callbacks by the utility classes when a lease's status changes. Each leased resource is identified by a landlord-generated Uuid called a cookie. The Lease object handed to the client contains the cookie, and that cookie is used when communicating with the landlord about the lease.

The utility classes define a lease object type LandlordLease. The Lease objects handed to clients will be of this type. LandlordLease objects talk to the Landlord about the lease. A factory class, LeaseFactory, can be used to generate new leases. The package also contains a constrainable implementation of Lease, ConstrainableLandlordLease, that implements RemoteMethodControl and supports proxy trust verification (when used with LandlordProxyVerifier) and suitable implementations of LeaseMap. It also contains utilities and interfaces to assist you in implementing the Landlord interfaces: LandlordUtil, LeasePeriodPolicy, and FixedLeasePeriodPolicy.

Using the classes in this package, you can write services that export leases and handle primarily those factors that are unique to your service, letting the utility classes do generic lease-related work.

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Copyright 2007-2013, multiple authors.
Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0, see the NOTICE file for attributions.